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Our top end frontside all mountain ski, the FLAIR 81 features a 128_81_109 shape, 3D.Ridge construction, and the iPT WideRide XL binding system, now offering GripWalk compatibility. It’s designed for the advanced to expert female skier who wants excellent grip, stability, liveliness, and agility all over the mountain. Additional features include locally-sourced recycled steel edges, and recycled sidewalls. The brand new 3D.Glass construction allows notably increased power transmission, higher torsional stiffness and enhanced edge grip, along with improved agility.

Längd Spets Mitten Bak Svängradie Leveranstid
163cm 128mm 81mm 109mm 14.7m 2-6 vardagar
170cm 128mm 81mm 109mm 16.3m 2-6 vardagar
149cm 128mm 81mm 109mm 13.3m 2-6 vardagar
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Årsmodell 2017-2018
Leveranstid 2-6 vardagar
Produktnummer 117291
5 490,00 kr (Ordinarie pris 8 792,50 kr)   -38%
2-6 vardagar

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Paketpris: 5 490,00 kr

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