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The Mantra is a classic. Even though it comes with a full rocker construction for a while, the ski still follows its initial philosophy, functioning as a never-failing always-reliable workhorse everywhere. Taking on any snow conditions, from powder to ice, requires a well-designed ski that turns compromises into advantages. Thanks to early taper in the tip, a 100mm waist width, and the perfect match between rocker and ski flex, the Mantra’s signature soft snow performance is forgiving and confidence-inspiring. Two sheets of titanal and a perfectly matched sidecut give it the tenacious edge grip that it’s always been known for.

• Full Rocker Profile • Full Sidewalls • Full Sensor Woodcore • 1210g (@138cm)

Årsmodell Längd Spets Mitten Bak Svängradie Leveranstid
2017 170cm 132mm 100mm 118mm 21.5m 2-6 vardagar
2016-2017 177cm 132mm 100mm 118mm 23.7m 2-6 vardagar
2017-2018 2-6 vardagar
2017 2-6 vardagar
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Årsmodell 2017-2018
Leveranstid 2-6 vardagar
Produktnummer 117392+
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2-6 vardagar

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